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I don’t have mountains of debt. I haven’t overcome some crazy financial obstacles. I’m not a financial expert with vast knowledge to share. I’m not even willing to disclose my monthly finances in a nice report.

So what the hell am I doing starting a personal finance blog?? Couldn’t I at least make something up and treat this as some fictional story inspiring people with lies? I might go that route if I were some aspiring novelist or if I wanted to play the sympathy card, but I’d rather just be myself. If you are in one of those situations, all the power to you.

No, I am just an average guy facing an average financial situation. It may not be glamorous, but life rarely is.

I do have plenty of financial lessons to share and I want to improve my own personal money management habits. So what better way to kill two birds with two stones? Now let’s rewind things a bit…

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